The R8sterblock (or Rasterblock, German for "raster pad") is a helpful utility for drawing and doodling in a creative, "technical" way. In contrast to common checkered paper, the R8sterblock divides the pattern into sub-areas of 8x8 squares.

This makes it ideal for doing pixel-art, such as 8-bit characters or sprites, but it's certainly not limited to that. Imagine every kind of squarey, tiled, aligned or justified work, such as game level maps (not just as a designer, but also while playing e.g. text adventures), hexadecimal values such as memory addresses, dungeons or stats sheets during "pen & paper" sessions, but even ordinary or trivial things like planning your next kitchen.

Counting squares has never been as easy as on the R8sterblock, because it's not just the huge 8x8 areas which are highlighted, but also all further sub-divisions are easily recognizable. Using 2x2 or 4x4 squares for doing your layouts and alignments will just become a natural process. And of course, the lines are still subtle enough for you to ignore them, if you'd rather use the paper in a conventional way every now and then.

The first edition of the R8sterblock features our game Shadow Switcher on its cover page.


Get a glimpse of what you can do with the R8sterblock in the following pictures:


The R8sterblock is currently available in the following format:

Price: 3 EUR + shipping

More formats and title page designs might appear in the future.

It will soon be available for order in a few selected online shops. For now, you can order it directly by e-mail.